When the fire-safe cigarettes first emerged about 1 year ago, my wife and I(both pack-a-day smokers) instantly noticed a foul aftertaste to the new cigarette papers. I smoked the same brand of cigarettes for 6 years and never noticed any foul taste or odd side effects of the chemicals in my tobacco. Suddenly I was getting headaches and my wife was having an upset stomach. We switched to a non FSC brand, and the side effects subsided. When no more brands of non FSC cigarettes were available, we switched to RYO (roll your own) cigarettes made by a $40 dollar machine. The side effects of FSC went away, and we went from spending about $300 dollars a month on cigarettes to about $65 dollars a month on tobacco and tubes, a savings of $2820 per year!
Do you remember about ten years ago when you could go to the gas station with $2.00 purchase a pack of cigarettes and get some change back? Not anymore! You also used to be able to have a conversation while you enjoyed your cigarette without having to relight it. This is only the tip of the iceberg . Here, we take a look at those complaints and many others and try to provide help for all the problems people are having with their cigarettes today .

Ridiculous Prices
In the United States the average price for a pack of cigarettes is $5.29 , of which $2.50 is state and Federal taxes . In 1996, the price and taxes that were half of this amount. Depending on where you live, this tax may be as high as $5.50 and the price per pack as high as $10.00 . In these hard economic times , many smokers have found their habit a burden on the budget. The best and most obvious solution: Quit smoking ! But since this is easier said than done, some smokers have chosen M. Y. O. ( make your own) cigarettes. not to be confused with R. Y. O. which many smokers do not consider because they like filtered cigarettes. M. Y. O. differs from R. Y. O. in that making your own cigarettes with a machine creates a perfect filtered cigarettes that cost one fifth of the price of a regular cigarettes. Also, the pipe tobacco that can be used to fill these cigarette tubes is not taxed the same as cigarettes are, so you don't pay the manufacturing costs or the same amount of taxes.. M.Y. O. will definitely help you save some money, and the only sacrifices is about ten minutes a day.

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Say goodbye to flavored cigarettes! President Obama just signed into law a new tobacco act which prohibits tobacco companies from flavoring t their cigarettes with fruit or exotic flavor additives. These flavors are thought to encourage under age smoking . Also, the FDA now has control over the big tobacco companies , and is requiring them to list all ingredients in cigarettes and increase the size of the warning labels . However, flavored pipe tobacco's do not fall into this criteria and will continue to be sold , and can be used with the M.Y.O. cigarette systems, and this frees you from all those silly new regulations.
This is the acronym for fire safety compliance . To all smokers, a means if you don't hit your cigarette every 30 seconds you will relight it. To some smokers, it stands for forget smoking cigarettes , because many people have complained of multiple side effects related to the new F. S. C. cigarette paper , including headache , upset stomach , sore throats , loss of voice , difficulty breathing , shortness of breath , lightheadedness , and severe aggravation from not being able to carry on a conversation while smoking a cigarette without relighting it . The fire safe cigarettes also leave a foul aftertaste that was uncharacteristic of cigarettes prior to F.S.C. It has been also proven medically that the chemicals used in F.S.C. cigarettes cause the cigarettes themselves to be more toxic then cigarettes without fire safe chemicals . There are new studies being done to research the health risks of F. S. C. the good news is this cigarette filters tubes in most states are not F. S. C. with the exception of New York and a couple of others. Many smokers who switch to M.Y.O. claimed the side effects subsided upon giving up commercially manufactured cigarettes with fire safe compliance. With so many good reasons to make your own , it's a wonder all smokers don't do it.

Another way to Save

          New to help the smokers save-the electronic cigarette! 
Wondering if you should try them? ? Here are some popular reasons:

    * No tar or other poisonous chemicals. Regular cigarettes contain around 4,000 harmful chemicals including arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and cyanide  . .
    * No second-hand smoke, so you're not harming those around you either.  The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is virtually odorless and leaves little residual taste in your mouth.
    * Beat the public smoking bans! Many countries now ban smoking in most public places, but you can enjoy your Electronic Cigarette almost anywhere!
    * Save money.Save 50% or more by switching to Electronic cigarettes. .
    * Beat your addiction with decreasing strengths of nicotine. Unlike a light cigarette, the cartridges actually deliver a reduced amount of nicotine when they say so.  The nicotine from an e-cigarette is absorbed more slowly, though, and satisfaction may take a minute or so.
    * "Vape" in places where cigarettes are not allowed, such as airports, hospitals and office buildings.
    * Wide range of flavors available..
    * Nicotine cravings are satisfied without patches that fall off, gum that tastes horrible, and wihile satisfying your craving for the smoking sensation.
    * No more lighter, matches, burnholes, dirty car windows or ashtray to mess with.

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